Why is Vietnam a great country to develop and produce footwear?
Eco Friendly /Environmental footprint /LWG Leather /Machinery for footwear production /Motivated Workforce /Sustainability /Vietnam
15 October, 2021
Innolux stitching machines from Globalsew
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3 September, 2021
Making of Giesswein’s Cactus Sneaker
19 August, 2021
The last 1,5 years in Vietnam have been like a dream!
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18 August, 2021
Everything you need to know about “vegan leather”
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5 July, 2021
The ABC’s of the sustainability trend
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8 June, 2021
The perfect ending of our carrousel assembly line..
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1 June, 2021
How to mobilize bulk shoe-lasts from storage to production?
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24 May, 2021
Something is cooking in our development centre..
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7 May, 2021
OX sneaker, leather and sustainable
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4 May, 2021
2020, a Pandemic Rollercoaster
22 March, 2021
Why the fit in children shoes is more important now than ever?
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19 March, 2021
How a Gore-Tex water-proof hiker is made.
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15 March, 2021
How many steps are required to manufacture sneakers?
Footwear development /Production /Sneakers
15 March, 2021