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The last 1,5 years in Vietnam have been like a dream!

Written by Innolux on 18 August, 2021

It might sound strange, but it’s real, the last 1,5 years in Vietnam have been like a dream! Since the beginning of Covid early 2020, “covid did not exist” in Vietnam.

There were no restrictions in daily life, no 1st, no 2nd nor a 3rd wave of covid in Vietnam, great!

Although covid is limiting us now in our daily routine, we are very positive about the future of quality footwear making in Vietnam. Since the end of 2019, driven by the pandemic outbreaks in other South and Southeast Asian countries and EVFTA, a big number of US and EU companies have shifted orders to Vietnam. According to Lefaso (Vietnam Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association) it is estimated that the export in the first seven months of 2021 increased by 28%.


This positive news is now at stake. As you might know, most of the footwear companies are located in Vietnam’s southern provinces battling the 4th covid wave. Although most footwear producers have difficulties maintaining the workforce, we are happy that a big part of our workers are still operating in our factory. Besides that our footwear development center is operating like usual, developing new collections and samples for our partners and customers.

Our great team is staying day and night on factory grounds. 

Super teamwork, thank you so much Innolux family!

We would not only like to express our gratitude to our Innolux team, all driven and dedicated, but also wish our partners and suppliers a lot of success and strength to battle the covid situation.




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