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How many steps are required to manufacture sneakers?

Written by Innolux on 15 March, 2021

Footwear undergoes a surprisingly high number of different stages before they are ready to be worn. The number of steps involved depends on the production method used. Sneaker typically required 70 different production steps to be manufactured from cutting to packing, but it also might take over 350 steps depending on the shoe design and construction complexity! And this is even not starting to account for the product creation and development stages. From sketch to making a last, engineering and making the outsole mould, cutting, processing and assembling, inspection and packaging is just a small overview of what it takes to produce a shoe.

This video shows how we manufacture beautiful low and mid-cut basketball-inspired sneakers for Champion. The sneakers made of LWG rated leather upper, recycled mesh lining (Cosmo Nature-Tex®) in a Strobel construction. The outsole is made of a compressed rubber cupsole.

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