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Why the fit in children shoes is more important now than ever?

Written by Innolux on 19 March, 2021

A year of COVID related restrictions has brought about dramatic change, also in the footwear industry in Vietnam. Our clients have increasingly seen sales move from in-store to online. This made the size and fit of children’s shoes of crucial importance. If it is not correct, the brand will face expensive returns and disappointment from its customers. This necessity is highest in children’s shoes, as these little feet are constantly growing.

We take great care of fitting comfort in the development and manufacturing of children’s shoes. In this video, you can see the production of Camper back-to-school shoes. The shoes are made of beautiful soft leather for the upper and linings and natural rubber for the outsole.

To make the shoes extra durable, we use Blake stitching construction. In this process, in which we specialize, the outsole is stitched to the insole from the inside. So, not only for the back-to-school time but the whole year round, children’s shoes need to be strong and comfortable.

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